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Serenity: Thank you for a wonderful stay

Hi Kathy,

I’ve been meaning to email you all week but got so busy back here in San Diego-wish we were still relaxing at Serenity Cabin!
I emailed Jim at Quiet Creek on Monday, but I wanted to send you a personal note as well. We had a wonderful time in Idyllwild. Your cabin was perfect for us. After talking with Jim before we left SD, he recommended it as the best for our family and he was absolutely right. Our kids are 3 and 5 and had been hoping for snow all week before we left and were delighted with the beautiful snow storm we had. They played and played for hours. I couldn’t get them inside all day and it was so hard to leave on Sunday. We used the sleds and built snowmen in the back yard. This was their first time in a real snow storm and they are still talking about it. They made good use of the kids books in the cabin and our son was so excited you had the 3rd Harry Potter to watch-he’s only seen the first 2 and has been begging us for the next one. My 3rd child (aka husband) had so much fun as well. He used to spend summers at the music camp and was thrilled to play in the snow-so much so he cracked the toboggan. Sorry!  :(  We bought a new one and left it in the back so the next guests could have as much fun as we did. 
I took lots of pictures of your cabin in the snow and the surrounding area.  I had to send you just one of a couple happy faces in front of your cabin.
Thank you again-we hope to be back soon!
San Diego
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