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Affiliations & Memberships

“No man is an island, entire of itself;

every man is a piece of the continent;
a part of the main.”

- John Donne, English Poet, 1572-1631


There is a lot of good work being done in Idyllwild. Quiet Creek Inn & Vacation Rentals and/or Quiet Creek Real Estate are members of, or contributors to, the following organizations.

Art Alliance of Idyllwild, Patron

AAI is dedicated to seeing Idyllwild become a nationally recognized fine arts center for education, creativity and exhibition. The Mission of the Art Alliance of Idyllwild is:

  • To enhance and expand Idyllwild’s growing reputation as an art community.
  • To raise the level of community involvement and commitment in support of the arts in Idyllwild.
  • To support the achievement of artistic excellence.
  • To provide a venue for local artists and artisans to display their work.

Friends of the San Jacinto Mountain County Parks, Member

The Friends of the San Jacinto Mountain County Parks is a member supported non-profit organization based at the Idyllwild Park Nature Center and dedicated to supporting the work of the Riverside County Regional Parks & Open Space District. The Friends make possible a great variety of cultural and natural history interpretive programs, new exhibits, wildlife observation facilities, equipment and resources to help children and adults gain appreciation and enjoyment of the San Jacinto Mountains.


Green Hotels Association, Member

"Green" Hotels are properties whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste--while saving money--to help protect our one and only earth!

Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends (ARF), Contributor

More than fifteen years ago a woman with a big, soft heart and a fondness for furry creatures got a call from someone who needed help in finding a home for an unwanted pet. Many hours and many phone calls later, with the help of a small, dedicated band of folks with an equally soft spot in their hearts, that lucky pet found a new home and he had Jane Stonehill and her friends to thank. Since then, Jane, a longtime Idyllwild resident, has been finding homes for lost, abandoned, and unwanted pets through an organization that has become known as ARF.

In addition to emergency veterinary care, ARF provides other important services, including finding temporary and permanent homes for abandoned, homeless, or unwanted animals (or those that cannot be cared for by their owners for many reasons); spay and neuter information and assistance where needed (all placed animals are either spayed or neutered); and food when the human companion is unable to provide adequate nutrition. Another very important service provided by ARF is reuniting lost pets with their owners.


Our dog, Honey (the official greeter), came from ARF and she now enjoys the company of Jake a young mail tabby cat whom we’ve also adopted.

Idyllwild Area Historical Society, Member

The purposes of this Corporation are to preserve the history of Idyllwild and neighboring communities in the San Jacinto Mountains, to maintain artifacts thereof in a manner accessible to the public and to promote public awareness of local history for the enrichment of visitors and residents.

Idyllwild Arts Foundation Associates, Treasurer,

Imagine a high school that has perfected the art of arts education. It’s Idyllwild Arts Academy, a close-knit, working community of students and teachers whose passion for the arts is balanced by a dedication to learning. Idyllwild offers a disciplined college preparatory program for grades 9-12 and post-graduates—along with world-class training in creative writing, dance, film & video, interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre, and visual arts.

The Idyllwild Summer Program— after 50 years, this annual tradition continues to offer rare opportunities for creative self-discovery in the arts. Every summer, more than 1,300 children, teens, and adults attend Idyllwild’s workshops under the pines, pursuing interests in creative writing, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts—and taught by some of America’s finest artists. Weeklong festivals and special programs, including our famed Native American Arts program, bring an added dimension and depth to specific artistic pursuits. The resulting experience is unforgettable, stimulating, and fun.


The Associates of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation provides support and fund raising for the Idyllwild Arts Academy.  The Associates stages the annual Jazz in the Pines in last August as the major social and fund raising event of the year.

Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce, Member

The Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce serves Idyllwild and the adjacent mountain communities of Pine Cove, Fern Valley, Mountain Center, and Garner Valley.

The mission of the Chamber is to support our businesses by promoting Idyllwild and its surrounding areas as a visitor destination, to develop and participate in activities that benefit the community as a whole, to act as a communication network for businesses and citizens, and to provide leadership and enhance Idyllwild's quality of life.

Idyllwild Help Center, Contributor

Offers various aid to local residents in need, including medical help, transportation to doctors, food, clothing, firewood and other assistance.

Living Free Animal Sanctuary, Contributor

Living Free is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary that saves, rehabilitates and finds qualified homes for orphaned and abused Cats and Dogs facing shelter euthanasia. Located in Mountain Center.

National Wildlife Federation, Certified Habitat
As we enter the 21st century, natural places - and the plants and animals that inhabit them - face ever-increasing pressure from human activity. Few places left on Earth have not been affected in some way by our actions. As a result, habitat loss is the number-one threat to wildlife today.

The way we choose to manage the land under our care has had major effects on wildlife habitat. By the middle of the last century, human population booms and economic prosperity led to the spread of suburban development into once rural or wild areas. At the same time that the trend in landscaping began to favor close-cropped lawns, exotic ornamental specimen plants, and a desire for neatness and uniformity, new chemical fertilizers and pesticides were rapidly becoming available that made an insect-free, perpetually green yard an obtainable goal.

By choosing what has now come to be known as "conventional" landscaping options - ones dominated by lawn, ornamental plants, and dependence on chemicals and supplemental watering - we have disturbed the balance of the ecosystem and banished the wildlife from the land we once shared. The continued conversion of natural areas into such landscapes has resulted in drastic reduction of habitat and the disappearance of many species of wildlife.

We can, however, choose to create landscapes that help restore the ecological balance. We can choose to invite the wild plants and animals back into the land and our lives. To demonstrate this, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) ran an article in the April 1973 issue of National Wildlife magazine encouraging people to landscape and garden in a more sustainable, natural way, with wildlife in mind. Response to the article was so overwhelming that NWF began the Backyard Wildlife Habitat program that same year to educate people about the benefits, for both people and wildlife, of creating and restoring natural landscapes. Since that time, the practice of natural landscaping has grown in popularity.

Through the Backyard Wildlife Habitat program, you will learn how to restore wildlife habitat in your own yard, balcony, workplace or even your entire community. Once you create your habitat, you can submit an application and get your yard certified as one of tens of thousands of official National Wildlife Federation Backyard Wildlife Habitat sites around the country and the world.

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